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Is marketing only a display ads?

All businesses need to be on the Internet, because that’s where most of the audience is, and to be noticed they usually use. Marketing is commonly mistakenly associated with sales, and most often with intrusive ads that appear everywhere, regardless of the site, or application, so we are less and less willing to respond to them.

However, marketing is not focused only on this form of action, there are several forms of it, because it is such a broad topic.

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Traditional marketing

This form of marketing existed even before the Internet when all information was not available at our fingertips. It is based on methods such as television commercials, billboards, and newspapers.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is also known as e-marketing and is most often associated with graphic banners, newsletters, SEM, SEO, and advertising on internet forums. Thanks to these activities, you can increase the visibility of your company online.

Affiliate marketing

It is aimed at achieving specific results when working with partners/contractors and establishing benefits because of it.

Whisper marketing

This form of marketing works online and in the real world. It manifests itself by customers recommending a particular brand/product. Currently, it is considered the most trusted form of online marketing because customers are more likely to buy when they hear a good review of a product from someone they trust or know a good review of the product.

Mobile marketing

Includes activities sent to users via SMS and MMS such as SMS surveys.

Personal marketing

These are activities which are aimed to build and maintain the image of a friendly company, caring for their employees amongst its recipients.

Marketing is not only sales, although it is mainly associated with it. It includes, above all, a specific strategy that is consistently applied, communication carried out in a specific way.

The main task of marketing is to act on the market in such a way as to best shape the relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer or user of the product. It also helps to gain a competitive advantage by maximizing consumer and buyer satisfaction.

There is no denying that at the moment the internet marketing is the most popular because it is offering many applications and tools.

The most popular of these are:

  • Google Ads
  • positioning of websites
  • influencer marketing
  • social media marketing
  • mailing campaigns
  • video marketing

What does the effectiveness of marketing activities depend on?

It depends mainly on the strategy developed at the beginning and then on its implementation. It is also extremely important to match the target group because the message directed to 50-year-old will not be understood by teenagers. A creation should match the brand. It is worth noting that marketing efforts need to be measured regularly to determine their effectiveness. The most important aspects to pay attention to include:

  • users reactions
  • reach
  • response from users
  • number of conversions

Which form of marketing do you choose, traditional or online?

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